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Are you a visual person?

If you are, and someone is simply speaking to you (without visual aid), you really have to do your best to listen with purpose and intent, in order to get the full and granular detail of what they’re saying and meaning.

It can be hard work.

However, if someone presents to you using a visual element (brochure, diagram. images), your understanding, comprehension and retention tend to go way up.

Do you know what type of learner the financial advisor sitting in front of you is?

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how the advisor sees you

What makes you valuable to the advisors that you serve?

If you better understood what made you valuable – how the world sees you – wouldn’t you be able to make a more brilliant impression on both prospects and clients?

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5 Myths Dispelled: Profitably Working with a Scheduler

September 16, 2014


Why do some wholesalers seem to have great success working with their scheduler and others don’t? How is it that you swear by your scheduler – and your colleague swears about theirs?

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4 Things Wholesalers Shouldn’t Ass-ume

September 15, 2014

wholesalers shouldn't assume

There seems to be a recurring theme in our coaching practice. Wholesalers that are assuming. Such as –

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A Wholesaler’s Off Season – Walter Bond

September 9, 2014


Bigger Stronger Faster That’s what pro athletes work to become in their off season.

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Wholesaling in the Shark Tank

September 3, 2014


A recent Wall Street Journal article offered 10 tips for making a winning pitch on “Shark Tank”  – complete with quotes from the sharks. We thought there was plenty of application for you, so we’ve adapted the story for great wholesalers. After all, some advisor offices are not too much different […]

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