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Rob Shore, Founder – Wholesaler Masterminds®

Make This Year Your Career Year – And Let Us Help

Think of a great athlete.


One of the great captains of industry.


A master entrepreneur.

What do each of them have in common?

They all have employed the services of professional coaches.

And you should too.

Why Wholesaler Masterminds Coaching?

In a word? Experience.

In the last 25 years we have carried the bag and successfully led sales organizations to tens of billions of dollars in sales.

We have walked in your shoes.

In another word? Success.

We have successfully coached 1000’s of wholesalers and their leaders, either in our private practice or live events, and helped them to achieve new levels of wholesaling success.

We have a track record of great, positive coaching outcomes and have worked with distribution professionals from*:

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Fresh perspective, a renewed sense of excitement for my career, and endless unique ideas are all the things I took away from my individual coaching sessions with Rob. ~ Kelly A., Texas
It is no doubt that my sessions with you made me more successful and helped develop a game plan for sustained success rather than hoping for another good year. ~ Don H., Florida
I just wanted to personally thank you for being such an important source of insight on this challenging and competitive profession. ~ Nick F., New York

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Priority Partner Preferred Coaching
  • Our most exclusive and extensive coaching engagement just for External Wholesalers
Sales Leader Private Coaching
  • Designed for National Sales Managers, Channel Heads, and Divisional Managers
Coaching for Rookie Wholesalers
  • An affordable option designed for wholesalers with three years or less of external experience.

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